Together we stay stronger

Concord Tours in response to Covid-19

Concord Tours has always been the preferred tour operator to stay for business and leisure travellers visiting the world. We continue to host guests for required travel while there are concerns around COVID-19.


I am reaching out to provide information regarding COVID-19 and what we are doing at our tour to assure that our guests and employees’ continued safety is our number one priority.


Providing comfortable, clean and safe environments for our guests and employees remains our top priority. We will continue our commitment to maintain the highest standards of hygiene throughout the tours.


We are implementing several preventative measures to help keep our tours environment as safe and clean as possible including:


• Comprehensive COVID-19 cleaning and sanitation practices and protocols are now in place detailing how to protect against transmission of the virus including, but not limited to implementing frequent cleaning of high-touch areas and availability of hand sanitizer throughout the tours.

• Adherence to the Public Health Agency of Canada procedures in case there is a suspected or confirmed case amongst our employees or guests (further information is provided using the link below Public Health Agency of Canada).

• Following other recommended procedures and protocols issued by the World Health Organization (WHO), Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and local authorities.


We will continue to monitor Coronavirus updates and will respond accordingly based on the advice of governments, national, international and local public health authorities.


Thank you for your continued loyalty and we hope this gives you further confidence in the actions and measures we are taking on your behalf to ensure your participation to our tours is comfortable and safe.


James Ma

President, Concord Tours and Travel